Sunday, 16 February 2014

Project log: Kings of War

So here I am back again with a small update on my current force. With several small units built and 2 characters required in my first list I'm rather happy with progress.

First up I have the current group shot

Here you can see a unit of scouts (mounted samurai bowmen), a troop of foot guard (samurai) and a troop of missile troops (ashigaru bowmen) and you can see a mounted hero and an army standard bearer.

All these are from Wargames Factory with the bases being the modular movement trays from Games Workshop. You can see that the missile troop has only half the unit glued to the tray, this is for ease of painting, I have tried other methods also here in this small force. The troop of foot guard have been glued on single strips so that no figures are loose but I can get to each figure. The amount on the sprues was unbelievable, the samurai had both sets of arms and weapons for either swords (katana) or spears (yari). The ashigaru missile troops come with both arms and options for bows or rifles. The kits were very easy to assemble and were straight forward. The mounted hero and army standard are essentially kit bashed. With both using parts from 2 kits I purchased.

With this in mind here are the individual shots -

Missile troop

Foot guard


And last up we have the characters a mounted captain and an army standard

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