Saturday, 8 February 2014

Project log: kings of war

As it's a new year I figured a new challenge was needed for myself, this series of articles will follow my kings of war army being constructed. As a long term hobbyist I'm guilty of buying an entire force building it then not painting it despite the fact I've done this several times I do try not too, so I will do the force in stages with various ideas to motivate myself.

I chose kingdoms of men (kom for ease) for my force as it gave me great scope to make a personalised force. Mantic games unfortunately do not do a series of miniatures for their kom force as many others do really nice figures for human forces. I chose to use a mix of models from various companies and with this in mind I went about choosing a theme.

I'm a big fan of centre pieces in my hobby and some game systems unfortunately don't allow this, kings of war however encourages this by simply using base size not model count and only removing whole units not individual figures. With this in mind I had an idea to use various creatures I could find to represent units as well as using more traditional infantry. The bulk of my force is made up of Wargames Factory samurai from the rising sun range. With 4 different boxes to choose from all with a decent amount of figures and plenty of options what more could I want. Oh yeah monsters, that's what I want suppose those need sourcing as well. A lot of these I turned to Games Workshop for, the Lizardman range gave me a lot of inspiration as did The Lord Of The Rings range. As it stands I have an idea and a theme, and the miniatures have been sourced. But I need a final goal and the in between  things to keep me motivated. Smaller goals and changing projects short term to break larger projects up often helps me.

Most large scale games require larger points values, with this in mind I've chosen to work my force to a grand total of 3000 points and split this into 4 sections of 750 points. I also can not move onto a section till the current one I'm working on is finished, but I have included magic items in the cost of sections.

So my initial 750 points is as follows-

1 regiment of pole arm troops - 80pts

1 regiment of spear troops, mace of crushing - 100pts

2 troops of foot guard - 90pts each

1 troop of ogres - 115pts

1 troop of missile troops, fire oil - 80pts

1 troop of mounted scouts -70pts

1 regiment of mounted sergeants - 125pts

Hero, with horse and talisman of inspiration - 70pts

Army standard bearer, - 30pts

This force gives me a varied mix of units with various abilities and a force with good balance. Whilst ranged fire power is lacking kom forces aren't the best marksmen so this isn't an issue for myself.

As usual all comments and feedback are welcome, and you can also follow other goings on via the Talking Wall facebook page. 

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